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FREE presentations are made by using OBS or another encoder and streamed then to an external service. We will be releasing full guides and tutorials how the process works, so no worries!


Tip to anyone who uses meeting systems; You can also utilize OBS Studio encoder as a virtual webcam and get even more extended control for your presentation and streaming sessions in different services like this, Zoom, Meet and Teams.

Full tutorial for the speakers coming soon.

Here's how the presenting works, simplified version.

Presentations are made by using event platforms built-in meeting system with screensharing straight from the browser.


You will get notified about your speaker session and you can join the session through the notification. Before going live, you can check your equipment one last time.

If you are familiar streaming to Twitch or YouTube, presenting at is a really similar experience to these.

What kind of presentations or programs I can create at Here is a list of our pretty nice features!

Single speaker streaming.

Double speaker streaming.

Actually, you can have multiple speakers at the stage! Virtual Roundtables are supported.

Live chat, Q&A & Poll tools are all available to keep the presentations interactive.

We can also create Interactive Virtual Workshops up to 40 people.

Contact us - if you're interested in hearing more about the platform!



Plan your program a bit, what would you want to present? If any of the topics are interesting for you, feel free to proceed to the next step!


Fill out the application as well as you can, so we get some of the basic info and actually know that you would be interested in presenting at!

Try to also tell us a bit about your presentation, so we can valuate if it fits for the theme.


Wait for our email. We will let you know if we can fit you in the schedule. We will provide you with the invitation to the event platform and confirm the final details about your presentation.


We also ask you to provide some more information for the event materials, so prepare to have a nice photo of your beautiful face ready!


Join our Discord -server!

There you will get in touch with us the easiest and also stay easily updated as the planning and the event itself progress forward.

Ps. As a thanks from your presentation, we'll give you 3 extra tickets to the event, which you can then share to your friends!


Check our guides to get the best out of your presentation! We have a bunch of useful tips and tricks coming for you from our video professionals!


Enjoy your presentation!

Remember to have fun!