Psst.. Apply some very quick first aid with the promo code: FIRSTAID


Get your ticket from the ticket shop. Remember to choose the correct ticket type for you, because it will be displayed on your matchmaking profile!

To use any promo codes you have when picking up the tickets, click the blue text at top left corner when viewing tickets as a list at Eventbrite.


After matchmaking is opened, you will get invited via email to the event platform to register and update your own profile.

Remember to make it all nice, as you'll never know who will see your profile at the event!


See our guides for preparing all the materials up before hand.

You should atleast have your profile picture ready with size of 500 x 500px and 1:1 ratio.


Also have your pitch deck ready! Sharing it as a link is easy through the chat. 


Send meeting requests and chat with any of the other users who are participating in the matchmaking. You can meet anyone! Find investors, publishers and interesting game studios and other great people!


Before starting the meetings on the event day, check your meeting devices to ensure good quality during the meetings. We have built in system that works similar to any other meeting software!


You're all set!

Happy conferencing!


Now go make some business!

Add profile picture of 500 x 500 pixels.
No need to be shy.

More personalisation options for Exhibitors, Partners & Sponsors

Read our EXHIBITOR GUIDE to get the idea what is possible. We have possibility to stream your projects, products and get you shown in fron of our awesome conference audience! Contact us - for more info!